In a country like India where English is now becoming a mainstream language ,Elate is making giant leaps in bringing to fore English speaking skills to the masses but with a difference as our logo itself says 'training with panache'. We also run call center training courses where our most striking feature is JOB SIMULATION. The word 'Elate' means full of zeal and optimism and we believe that with this spirit an individual should enter into a new industry.

The BPO industry is booming in India with the basic requirement of powerful verbal skills and the motivation to stay within the industry. In India where the unemployment rate is sky high, Call Centers have come as a boon for the many job seekers.

According to a recent survey India is the topmost Out Sourcing destination for various countries due to the neutral accent and ability of Indians to adapt other accents. India provides cheap and quality labor and here's where Elate makes its mark by providing an all round training to the candidates.

According to recent news India's business process outsourcing industry will double its revenues in less than two years despite the economic slowdown and protectionist measures of western countries, confirms a report by analyst firm Gartner. The top 20 India-centric BPO service providers accounted for $4 billion in revenue in 2008, representing 5 percent of the $80-billion revenue of the top 150 BPO companies in the world. By 2010-end, the market share of India's BPOs is expected to become 10 percent as many Corporates would turn towards low-cost BPOs as part of their cost-cutting measures, Gartner said.

Hence we can easily conclude that this industry has tremendous market potential and a really bright future .Our Mission is to provide Unmatched and Peerless training to cater to the current industry standards.

We offer the following Courses

  • Spoken English Course (90 Days)
  • Call Center Training (60 days).
  • Practical Sessions.

Our Aim is to prepare the candidates in such a way so that on entering in to the corporate world they don't get nervous as a fresher, as their stint in our job simulation module helps to draw out the hesitation and anxiousness from them.


  • NTA (Novice To Adept)-90Days
    1. Basics Of Grammar
    2. Vocabulary
    3. Pronunciation
    4. Personality Development
    5. Service Etiquettes
    6. Practical Sessions
  • STEP UP-45Days
    1. Advanced Grammar and Vocabulary
    2. Voice and Accent Training
    3. Service Etiquettes
    4. Personality Development
    5. Practical Sessions


MODULE 1 : Introduction to call centers.
MODULE 2 : Advanced English along with voice and accent training.
MODULE 3 : Etiquettes and soft skills classes.
MODULE 4 : IT and typing skills.
MODULE 5 : Call Training.
MODULE 6 : Mock calls.
MODULE7 : Job simulation.
MODULE 8 : Personality development and interview skills.


  • JAM (Just A Minute)
  • Roleplays
  • Conversation Classes
  • Group Discussions
  • Extemphore Story Coining
  • Newspaper/Article Reading
  • Audio/Visual Presentations
  • English Songs & Speeches
  • Movie Sessions
  • Word Antakshari
  • Spin A Yarn
  • Hangman

December 2007
VE Teleservices Ltd now offering its services to Reliance communications.

May 2008
VE Teleservices Ltd joins Hand with SIFY Ltd to provide Online examination Facility.

June 2008
VE Telesevices Ltd has started a new Collection Process for Tata Indicom . UP-East.

December 2008
VE Tele services Ltd. ties up with KLUE Inc. USA for their B2B Campaign.

February 2009
VE Teleservices Ltd started call center training courses to cater to current industry requirements.

October 2009
VE Teleservices Ltd starts non voice data extraction process in association with CREDIANTLZ,Lucknow.

July 2010
VE Teleservices Ltd starts sales of products/services offered by Tata Teleservices Ltd for Lucknow.

December 2010
VE Teleservices Ltd starts Call Centre Training of Canddiates from Lucknow in association with DUDA

May 2011
VE Teleservices Ltd starts outbound calling campaign for Hyundai Motor India Limited

July 2011
VE Teleservices Ltd starts VAS calling campaign for Tata Teleservices Ltd - UP East

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